Set up RFID functionalities in Business Central

RFID tags are unique scannable identifiers of items. They consist of printable chips that are generated on the basis of numerical data provided in the RFID Setup page.

The NP RFID functionalities can be grouped into two segments:

  • NP WMS extension installed in the Business Central database
  • NP RFID apps installed on the scanner

To set up the RFID functionalities, follow the provided steps:

  1. Navigate to the RFID Setup administrative section.
    This section is used for generating data that will be stored on the printable RFID chips. In NP WMS, this data is expressed in hexadecimal values.

    Field NameDescription
    RFID Value No. SeriesThe number series references the group of items the tag will be used to signify. Each number series has a fixed starting and ending number, so each item with this RFID tag will be assigned the first available number between those two fixed values.
    RFID Hex Value LengthSpecifies the overall length of the number used to generate the RFID tag.
    RFID Hex Value PrefixSpecifies the number that will precede the rest of the number used to generate the RFID tag.

    After the following numbers are specified, they are used to build a visual representation of the RFID which can then be printed.

  2. Next up, you need to set up CS RFID Tag Models.
    In this section you can specify the alphanumerical values used for distinguishing between items belonging to different stocks. All items that don’t belong to product families and models specified in this section can still be scanned with the RFID scanner, but will not be recognized as parts of the relevant stock.

  1. Navigate to the CS Location Users administrative section to set up users who will be performing the counting.
  2. Provide the User ID.
    Each device is linked to a user, so the user ID is the same as the device ID.
  3. Specify which users are Supervisors.
    Supervisors can apply the necessary adjustments after the counting is finished.
  4. Connect the scanner to the Business Central user who is going to perform the counting.

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