MatrixScan inventory counting

The current NP WMS and NP Retail POS apps for Android are expanded with the MatrixScan functionality developed by Scandit. This functionality provides the out-of-box solution for scanning and counting, which improves the speed and accuracy of all inventory-related work.

MatrixScan solution is recommended for all businesses that have to manage and track their inventory on a daily basis. It can be utilized by customers, store associates, as well as retail operations managers.

Once this functionality is installed on a smart device, a store associate can use it to scan multiple barcodes simultaneously. They simply need to wave the device across the shelf to capture any codes in sight.

MatrixScan drastically improves basic and complex store operations in multiple ways:

  • Click & collect - once the products are picked out, they are usually all placed in a collection point. Scandit’s MatrixScan technology with Augmented Reality (AR) enables the store associate to simultaneously scan barcodes of multiple items, and have the desired product highlighted on the device’s screen.
  • Replacing returned products - you can quickly check which store has the sufficient quantity of the requested product, and find the exact spot where the replaced unit should be placed.
  • Discounts and price changes - the ability to quickly scan multiple barcodes is essential when you need to continually adjust the product prices. You can retrieve information on the exact location in which each unit should be placed, according to its price.
  • Receiving and shipping - when a store receives new inventory, it’s usually organized in pallets which contain both boxed and loose items. With the MatrixScan technology, it’s possible to instantly determine the location and quantity of each received product.
  • Improved customer experience on the shop floor - the staff can scan barcodes, and provide instant information to customers about the requested products.

There are additional benefits to using this functionality:

  • Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK can accurately scan in suboptimal lighting conditions, so neither low lighting nor light glare are an issue when scanning.
  • Damaged barcodes don’t impede the performance of the scanner.
  • Barcodes can even be scanned from a 45° angle.