Inventory and warehouse picks

Inventory and warehouse picks are the processes of picking items before they are shipped.

Inventory pick

An inventory pick is used for specifying the instructions that need to be followed to pick up items for shipment or from assembly.

Inventory picks can be created in several ways:

  • In the Inventory Pick page you can post the information necessary for performing picks and shipment. This information is placed in relevant outbound source documents, such as transfer orders, purchase return orders, and production orders.

  • Inventory picks can be created and posted directly from Sales Orders, however each sales order can be associated with only one inventory pick. Until you release the sales order, you can change the provided information such as quantity and the bin codes manually.

  • You can also create inventory picks by running the Create Inventory Put Away/Pick/Movement action.

Warehouse pick

A warehouse pick is always created in relation to warehouse shipments, either directly from the shipment, or from the journal. You can have multiple source documents for one warehouse pick, so it’s possible to have one or more warehouse shipments going into one warehouse pick.

If the location is set up require warehouse pick processing and warehouse shipment processing, you can use the warehouse pick documents to create and process pick information before you post the warehouse shipment.

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