Capture service UIs

The Capture Service user interfaces (CS UI) are used for defining the look and feel of WMS mobile device app. You can see the list of all available CS UIs in the CS UIs administrative section. You can view and edit the existing CS UIs or create new ones.

To see the current UI layout and hierarchy of UIs in the mobile app, navigate to the CS UI Structure administrative section. You can add or remove some segments from the current app layout if needed.


There are several customizable Form Types that exist in NP WMS. These UI types are listed below along with the screenshots depicting the necessary setup in Business Central on the left side, and on right - the corresponding mobile app UI. If you wish to apply one of these UI layouts in your app, use the options presented in the Business Central segment of each screenshot.

  • Card (e.g. Login)
    The Card type is used only for the Login screen, in which user input is required.


  • Selection List (e.g. main menu)


  • Data List (a dynamic list of information that relies on the documents created in Business Central e.g. Inventory pick list)


  • Data List Input (these types of UIs determine what happens at the end of the process, i.e. when the barcode is scanned e.g. Warehouse Pick document)


UI Subform

In the UI Subform section of each CS UI, you can add the actual content of each mobile UI, and designate where the page elements you create will be placed. The available areas are Header, Body, and Footer.

Data pattern code

Data pattern code is the code assigned to a certain product. It consists of some of the product’s main characteristics, such as ingredients, year of production, expiration date, and so on. Each of these characteristics has its own ID, and the combination of all of them provides a unique ID for all goods which are placed inside the warehouse.

Handling codeunit

Each UI can be associated with one handling codeunit. Codeunits govern the back-end processes associated with each UI.

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