Self-Service Profile troubleshooting

My self-service configuration doesn’t work properly. What can I do to fix it?

It’s important to check whether all the necessary steps have been taken in the correct order to establish the effective self-service feature setup. Go through the provided checklist to see if something is missing:

  1. Create a POS Store.
    This step is optional, depending on locations, the posting setup, etc.
  2. Create a POS Unit.
    • Set the POS Type to Unattended.
  3. Configure the POS View Profile.
    • The After End-of-Sale View needs to be set to Login View.
    • The POS Theme is optional.
  4. Configure the POS End of Day Profile.
    • The Master & Slave setup is required.
    • The master POS unit needs to be identified.
    • Both master and slave should have the same POS EOD profile.
  5. Configure the POS Named Actions Profile.
    • Add the SS-POS where necessary.
    • Provide the number of seconds after which the timeout occurs.
  6. Make sure that the same bin as the main one is used in the POS Payment Bin.
  7. Define the POS View for the screen layout.
    • If you’re using a picture as a banner, insert it in the JSON file.
    • Perform the timeout setup in the JSON.
    • Optionally configure the special SS features like the cart view, plus/minus options on the button, and item addon buttons.
  8. Define the salespeople for self-service to be used in the POS menus.
  9. Define the languages to be used in the POS Menus.
  10. Define POS menus to be used within POS views.
    The POS menus need to contain only SS POS actions.
  11. Define a POS payment method for self-service for EFT.
  12. Configure the POS posting setup for the SS payment method.
  13. Specify a POS theme that will be used.
  14. Set up the EFT interface for the payment type SSP (Adyen - EFT).
    It’s not necessary to have a cash facilities machine that is interacted with.
  15. If the payment dialogue from Adyen is white, or has a white background, a fix can be applied.
    A CSS (FIXCSS.css) file needs to be installed for the payment dialogue from the Terminal T (Adyen). If this fix isn’t working, a new CSS file needs to be created.
  16. The print template for the ticket with the specific printer format needs to be configured.
  17. Configure Major Tom for self-service.
  18. Configure hardware.
    • FLEXI Outdoor Kiosk
    • Adyen Payment Terminal
    • Boca Printer