Coupon troubleshooting

Is it possible to create multiple coupons that pertain to a single customer?

Yes. After you’ve created a coupon and added the customer number in the Customer No. field, open the relevant Coupon Type Card, and activate the Multi-Use Coupon toggle switch. Then write the number of coupons you want to issue for the specific customer in the Multi-Use Qty. field. Note that multi-use coupons option is used for creating multiple coupons with the same number.


Is it possible to add specific hours for coupon validity which will be checked when the coupon is scanned?

Yes. To enable time-based validation of coupons, follow the provided steps:

  1. Navigate to the Coupon Type Card of the coupon type you issued the coupons for.
  2. Select TIME in the Validate Coupon Module dropdown list.
  3. Click Setup, followed by Setup Validate Coupon.
  4. Insert the start time and end time for this coupon type in the Valid Time Intervals popup window.