Testing flow for Shipmondo integration

After the integration is installed, there are certain steps it’s recommended to take to ensure that everything has been set up properly.

  • Make sure the Shipmondo connector is turned on on the customer’s computer.
  • Never send the same shipment to Shipmondo twice from the Shipping Provider Document page.
  • Check the Response Shipment ID and Response Package No. fields on the Shipping Provider Document page to see whether the shipment is going to be sent to the Shipmondo website or not.
  • Note that there’s no way to see what the label looks like in Business Central (other than viewing the code directly).
  • The Pakkeable Test Mode field needs to be switched off on the Shipmondo Provider Setup page if you want the shipment to land on the Shipmondo website.
  • Keep in mind that the following flow should be maintained: Web order > Import list > Sales order > Posting > Shipping Provider Document > Shipmondo website > Label. Also, note that all steps after the Posting segment are performed automatically.