Retail voucher overview

A Retail Voucher is a document that entitles the owner to purchase goods or services. As such, it can take the form of a paper, electronic voucher, token and so on. It is widely used in the Retail & Service industries. The most common types are Gift Vouchers and Credit Vouchers. However, there are also Food/Meal Vouchers, Travel Vouchers, Labor Vouchers, and Supplier’s Vouchers.

As different types of Retail Vouchers are widely used in the world, NP Retail has provided the Retail Vouchers Module. In this module, you can define different types of Retail Vouchers, with their own conditions.

There are vouchers that are issued internally by a store and redeemed in it. There are also vouchers that are issued by 3rd parties, such as suppliers or companies with certain agreements stating that their vouchers are redeemed in stores – these are typically known as external vouchers. Finally, there are Global Vouchers that are issued by multiple stores within a company and are redeemed in any store owned by the company.

Retailers offer different types of vouchers which are defined in the Voucher Types Card.

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