Set up vouchers issued in Magento Webadmin

Set up gift vouchers


  • In order to set up gift vouchers in Magento, it is necessary to perform retail voucher setup in Business Central. You can find these setup instructions in the previous portions of the POS Academy Voucher setup.


  1. In Magento Setup, configure the background settings for the Gift Vouchers in Stores – Configurations.
  2. Under Configurations click on Navipartner to open the dropdown.
  3. Choose the Voucher option under Navipartner at the very bottom.
  4. Under the Setup section make sure to uncheck the Use system value checkbox and set Zero sub-total Checkout to Yes.
    Customers should be able to check out with the price of 0 in the cart when using vouchers.
  5. In the Price Configuration section, set the Range (price range with VAT) and Steps (price range without VAT).


  1. Uncheck the Use Default Confg. checkbox in Recipient Delivery Method and open the drop-down list. You can pick one of the options available as a way of delivering the Gift Voucher.
  1. Set the maximum number of characters in the Recipient Length field under the Price Configuration section.
    The maximum number of characters allowed is 250.

  2. Set Creation Type Code to GIFTVOUCHER.
    It is very important that the Gift Voucher code matches the code in Business Central.


Create gift voucher product

When setting up a Gift Voucher you need to first create a New Product from the Catalogue as a Gift Voucher.


  • Make sure that the first part of the setup described above is complete.


  1. Click the arrow next the Add Product button and select Gift Voucher from the dropdown.
  2. Fill out the New Product page with basic information like Product Name, SKU, and Content (description).
  1. Set gift vouchers as Taxable Goods (double check).
  2. Scroll down to the Sources section and click Advanced Inventory.
    A new pop-up window is displayed.
  3. Find the field for Backorders, uncheck Use Configuration Settings and then choose Allow qty bellow 0 from the dropdown.
    This option should always be set as Gift Cards should not have a quantity that can run out.