Issue a gift voucher

Retail vouchers are a payment type that the voucher owner can use to purchase various goods and services. The most common ones are gift vouchers and credit vouchers. Gift vouchers are mostly sold to customers, while credit vouchers are issued as a refund in the return sale process or a refund for a partially spent gift voucher.

To issue gift vouchers, follow the provided steps:

Prerequisites in Business Central

  • The Gift Voucher Retail Voucher Type needs to be defined in the company setup.
  • The Issue Gift Voucher (General) button needs to be set in the Menu Buttons Setup.

Procedure on POS

  1. Open the POS.
  2. Press Retail Gift Voucher followed by Issue Voucher (General).
  3. Choose a gift voucher.
    A pop-up window is displayed.
  4. Enter 1 in the Quantity field.
  5. Press OK.
    A pop-up window is displayed.
  6. Enter 6.000 in the Amount field.
  7. Press OK.
  8. A gift voucher is displayed in the POS Sales Lines with Reference No. 2904100108599 and the Amount 6.000.
  9. Press Go to Payment.
  10. Choose Cash Payment.
  11. Click OK.
    The sale is finished, and the gift voucher is issued.

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