Retail voucher layout

This article contains the best practices and requirements for designing retail voucher layouts in the Business Central version 18 and newer.


You can only use a specified set of fonts in the retail voucher layout. Refer to the Microsoft documentation for full lists of fonts you can use in documents, checks, and barcodes.


  • Each barcode should be surrounded by a clear area - the optimal barcode layout consists of a black barcode and white area behind and around it.
  • For more information on one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcode fonts, refer to the following article on Microsoft’s documentation portal.


The images used in retail voucher layouts should be stored in loss-less formats, such as PNG or BMP.


A font can consist of several versions to support different requirements for characteristics like width and height, human-readability, and so on. Each font version has a specific name. You use the font name to set up the barcode in a report layout.

IDAutomation also provides evaluation (demo) fonts for trial and test purposes. The evaluation fonts have names that are similar to the purchased fonts. Evaluation fonts typically include an S and Demo in font name. For example, Code 39 includes a purchased font with the name IDAutomationHC39M and an evaluation font with the name IDAutomationSHC39M Demo.

There are various voucher reports for BC SaaS that you can select depending on the type of barcode you’re using:

Code 128

  • Report 6014466 “NPR NpRv Voucher Cloud”
  • Report 6014492 “NPR NpRv Voucher Cloud 2”

Code 128 Fonts (no text below the barcode)

Font NameFont HeightN Dimension
IDAutomationC128XXS.10" or .254 CM10
IDAutomationC128XS.20" or .508 CM20
IDAutomationC128S.35" or .889 CM35
IDAutomationC128M.50" or 1.27 CM50
IDAutomationC128L.60" or 1.46 CM58
IDAutomationC128XL.75" or 1.90 CM75
IDAutomationC128XXL1" or 2.54 CM100

Code 128 Fonts “Character set B” (text below barcode)

Font NameFont HeightN Dimension
IDAutomationHbC128XS.20" or .508 CM20
IDAutomationHbC128S.35" or .889 CM35
IDAutomationHbC128M.50" or 1.27 CM50
IDAutomationHbC128L.60" or 1.46 CM58
IDAutomationHbC128XL.75" or 1.90 CM75
IDAutomationHbC128XXL1" or 2.54 CM100

Code 128 Fonts “Character set C” (text below barcode:)

Font NameFont HeightN Dimension
IDAutomationHcC128XS.20" or .508 CM20
IDAutomationHcC128S.35" or .889 CM35
IDAutomationHcC128M.50" or 1.27 CM50
IDAutomationHcC128L.60" or 1.46 CM58
IDAutomationHcC128XL.75" or 1.90 CM75
IDAutomationHcC128XXL1" or 2.54 CM100

Code 39

  • Report 6014513 “NPR NpRv Voucher Cloud C39”
  • Report 6014515 “NPR NpRv Voucher Cloud 2 C39”

Code 39 Fonts (text below the barcode)

Font NameFont Height
IDAutomationHC39XS1/8" (.125") or .3cm
IDAutomationHC39S1/4" (.25") or .6cm
IDAutomationHC39M13/32" (.4") or 1cm
IDAutomationHC39L1/2" (.5") or 1.5cm
IDAutomationHC39XL7/8" (.88") or 2.2cm
IDAutomationHC39XXL1 5/16" (1.31") or 3.4cm

Code 39 Fonts (no text below the barcode)

Font NameFont Height
IDAutomationC39XS1/8" (.125") or .3cm
IDAutomationC39S1/4" (.25") or .6cm
IDAutomationC39M13/32" (.4") or 1cm
IDAutomationC39L1/2" (.5") or 1.5cm
IDAutomationC39XL7/8" (.88") or 2.2cm
IDAutomationC39XXL1 5/16" (1.31") or 3.4cm

Extended Code 39 Fonts (text below the barcode)

Font NameFont Height
IDAutomationXHC39XS1/8" (.125") or .3cm
IDAutomationXHC39S1/4" (.25") or .6cm
IDAutomationXHC39M13/32" (.4") or 1cm
IDAutomationXHC39L1/2" (.5") or 1.5cm
IDAutomationXHC39XL7/8" (.88") or 2.2cm
IDAutomationXHC39XXL1 5/16" (1.31") or 3.4cm

Extended Code 39 Fonts (no text below the barcode)

Font NameFont Height
IDAutomationXC39XS1/8" (.125") or .3cm
IDAutomationXC39S1/4" (.25") or .6cm
IDAutomationXC39M13/32" (.4") or 1cm
IDAutomationXC39L1/2" (.5") or 1.5cm
IDAutomationXC39XL7/8" (.88") or 2.2cm
IDAutomationXC39XXL1 5/16" (1.31") or 3.4cm


  • Report 6014516 “NPR NpRv Voucher Cloud QR”
  • Report 6014517 “NPR NpRv Voucher Cloud 2 QR”

The font used for barcodes is IDAutomation2D.

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