Issuing different types of vouchers

Issuing gift vouchers


Depending on the setup, when issuing the gift voucher, the salesperson will input the quantity, the unit price of the Gift Voucher, and any customer details needed.

Issuing credit vouchers


Depending on the setup, on issuing a Credit Voucher, the system will suggest the value as per the sales line. The salesperson can accept the suggestion or insert a value themselves.

Redeeming gift/credit vouchers


On redeeming, both Gift Vouchers and Credit Vouchers use the POS Action SCAN_VOUCHER. The only difference is in the parameter in which you can set which Retail Voucher Type is being used.

Create, issue, and redeem vouchers from a sales order

Refer to the processing instructions for creating, issuing and redeeming vouchers from a sales order for more information.