The Variety administrative section contains the list of varieties created in the environment, along with some of their basic properties. The following options are available when setting up varieties in this section:

Field NameDescription
CodeSpecifies the unique code for a variety.
DescriptionSpecifies a short description for a variety which informs users about its characteristics.
Use in Variant DescriptionThis field is taken into account only if the Variant Description or Variant Description 2 fields are set to Variety table setup first 50 or Variety Table Setup Next 50. If enabled, this variety will be used to generate the description to the variant.
Custom DescriptionIf an item and a variant are selected in sales/purchase lines, the item description will be copied on the sales/purchase line description, and the variant will be copied in the Description 2.
Pre Tag in Variant DescriptionThe description on the variant will be generated with this tag in front of the value. Example: Co:RED/Le:72/Ws:37
Use Description FieldSpecifies if it’s the Code field or the Description field of the Variant Value that is used in generating the variant description. Only works if Use in Variant Description is ticked.

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