Variety group

Variety groups are combinations of varieties assembled according to a certain logic, which can be assigned to the items. The following options are available in the Variety Group administrative section:

Field NameDescription
CodeSpecifies the unique code for a variety group.
DescriptionSpecifies a short description for a variety group which informs users about its characteristics.
Cross Variety No.You can choose a variety number (1 to 4) that will be displayed in the matrix horizontally. It is possible to override this selection on the Item Card later on.
No. SeriesSpecifies the number series that will be used in the Copy Naming Variety X field.
Variety 1Specifies the variety that should be added as the first variety on the item.
Variety 1 TableSpecifies the variety table that should be added as the first variety table on the item.
Create Copy of Variety 1 TableIf ticket, a copy of the table selected in the Variety 1 Table field will be created. All values in the table will be copied 1:1.
Copy Naming Variety 1-1The following options are available: Blank - this selection results in an error if Create Copy of Variety 1 Table is ticked; Table Code + No. Series - the code of the Variety 1 Table + the next number from the number series will be used; Table Code + Item No - the code of the Variety 1 Table + the Item Number will be used.

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