Create varieties in Business Central

Variety is a tool that assists users in creating and associating different characteristics with items. The most common characteristics, or variants, of items are Color, Size, Waist, and Length. There are also other variants that are specific to certain types of merchandise, for example Label, Wash, and Fit in regards to clothes.

NP Retail has a tool that can be used for defining the variants associated with various items. The stock is maintained per a combination of variants, and is sold in these particular combinations. The tool doesn’t affect any calculation routines (e.g. finding sales prices/cost prices, posting routines etc.). Rather, it represents variants in a more structured way. It also allows users to apply all item variants to an item simultaneously.

The variety creation is performed in several administrative sections in a specific order. To create varieties, follow the provided steps.

  1. Populate the fields in the Variety Setup administrative section by using the relevant table as reference.

  2. Set up varieties for items. This is done in three layers, starting from Variety:

  3. Create a combination of varieties that will later be assigned to items.

  4. Assign the created variety to an item of your choice.