Report selection

The Report Selection - Retail administrative section is used for setting up codeunits, reports, print templates, and documents that are printed in different retail processes and scenarios.

You can choose one of the areas or tasks which indicate which printing details will be configured:

Report NameDescription
Price LabelUsed for printing item price labels.
Terminal ReceiptUsed for printing receipts for credit card terminals.
Exchange LabelUsed for printing exchange labels for items on a POS sale line.
Warranty CertificateUsed for printing documents or barcodes for warranty purposes.
Shelf LabelUsed for printing shelf labels for items.
SignUsed for printing documents to sign after POS sales are performed in special circumstances.
Bin LabelUsed for printing bin label for items.
Sales ReceiptUsed for printing sales receipt tickets when performing POS sales.
Large Sales ReceiptUsed for printing sales receipts in A4 format when performing POS sales.
Balancing ReceiptUsed for printing balancing receipts on completing the EOD process for the POS unit.
Sales Document ConfirmationUsed for printing sales receipts when sales orders or customer invoices are generated from POS. The sales order and sales invoices are defined in the Report Selection - Sales administrative section.
Large Balancing ReceiptUsed for printing balancing receipts in A4 format for the EOD process from the POS Entry List administrative section.
Begin WorkshiftUsed for printing workshift receipts when starting a new workshift.
Transfer OrderUsed for printing transfer order slips when transfer orders are performed from the POS.
Inventory PutAway LabelUsed for printing inventory putaway slips when putaways are performed from the POS.
Bin TransferUsed for printing bin transfer slips when performing cash transfer from the POS.

As for the available fields and options, refer to the following table to learn what each of them is used for:

Field NameDescription
SequenceSpecifies the sequence in which the material is printed. It’s applied in retail scenarios which require multiple printout types to be initiated. The lowest sequence number is printed first.
POS UnitSpecifies a POS unit on which a printing job is performed. If there are different printer types attached to different POS units, and these printers use their own print templates, you can define a different POS unit for each option.
Report IDIf reports are used for printing, their ID can be defined here.
Report NameThis field is populated automatically if you provide a report ID in the previous field.
Codeunit CodeIf you’re using print templates or specific codeunits for printing, you need to populate this field with an adequate codeunit ID. Each printer type supported by NaviPartner has its own codeunit.
Codeunit NameThis field is populated automatically if you provide a codeunit code in the previous field.
Print TemplateSpecifies the print template used for printing.
OptionalSpecifies whether printing is optional or not. If deactivated, printout will be issued after performing specific retail actions. If activated, instead of issuing the printout automatically, you will be prompted to confirm whether printing should be done or not.

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