Set up reimbursement party types

As a reimbursement may affect any kind of Business Central entity, the reimbursement party types are used to define which Business Central tables are supported by the current Reimbursement Modules.

To set up the reimbursement party types, follow the provided steps:

  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter Reimbursement Party Types, and choose the related link.
  2. Click New.
    A new line is displayed.
  3. Provide a Code to identify the reimbursement party type.
  4. Provide a Description to explain what this specific party type entails.
  5. Specify which table the party type represents.
  6. Define the interval between each reimbursement in the Reimburse every field.
  7. Calculate the next posting date based on the current posting date after each reimbursement in the Next Posting Date Calculation field.

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