Output Reimbursement Entries

There are 3 types of Reimbursement Entries:

  • Data Collection is created when the Run Data Collection action is triggered, and it contains certain data from Business Central. The Show Source action tab displays the data this entry is based on.
  • Manual Application is used for removing single Data Collection Entries from an upcoming reimbursement. The manual applications can also be cancelled with the action Cancel Manual Application.
  • The Reimbursement is created when the Run Reimbursement action is triggered, and it represents the Final Result.

In the provided screenshot a provision has been made, meaning the Final Result is a posting to G/L.


Running the Data Collection in the reimbursement, makes the module collect data according to different setups and calculate the reimbursement output.

A reimbursement can also be executed by Task Queue NAS by setting up a task on Codeunit 6151106 “NpRi Task Queue Mgt.”, and it has the following parameters:

  • RUN_DATA_COLLECTIONS: Whether to run Data Collection.
  • RUN_REIMBURSEMENTS: Whether to run Reimbursements.

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