Set up the HW Connector report printing module

You can use the Hardware Connector Report Printer Setup page to inject the printers into the standard Business Central Printer Selections administrative section. After this is done, you can use Printer Selections to choose which printer is going to be used for printing reports.

  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter Hardware Connector Report Printer Setup, and open the related link.
    The administrative section containing the list of all printers connected to the current environment is displayed.

  2. Create a New printer.

  3. Populate the necessary fields:

    Field NameDescription
    Printer NameThe name you provide here needs to match the name of the printer connected to your PC. You can learn the printer name in the Printers & scanners Windows administrative section.
    Paper SizeSpecifies the size of the object that will be printed. If you need to print a non-standard paper size (e.g. card), you should select Custom.
    Printer Paper Height/Printer Paper WidthSpecifies the dimensions of the printed content. These options are only available if the Custom paper size is selected.
    Printer Paper UnitSpecifies the unit of measure in which the paper dimensions will be expressed.
    Paper SourceIf the printer has multiple printing trays, you can specify which one to use.
    LandscapeSpecifies whether the printed content will be displayed in a landscape layout.

    Once you populate the necessary fields, the printer will be created and ready to be selected in the Printer Selections administrative section.

  4. Click the Lightbulb button, enter Printer Selections, and open the related link.
    Here, you can choose one of the available reports, and modify it. Reports are used for ordering information from a database (e.g. invoices) in a structured and summarized way, thus preparing it to be printed.

  5. Create New.

  6. Select the previously created printer in the Printer Name field, and populate other fields.

  1. (Optional) Specify the User ID if you wish only a specific user to have access to it.
    If no user ID is specified, the printer selection is applicable to all users.
  2. (Optional) Specify the Report ID if you wish only a specific report to be applied to it.
    If no report ID is specified, the printer selection is applicable to all reports.
  1. Open the Hardware Connector Software before you start printing.
    It needs to be running in the background.


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