Set up coupon print templates

Coupons are used for applying certain discounts to various activities and items. It’s possible to print them with our printing module by using either a designated line or a matrix printing template. Alternatively, you can create a completely new template from scratch while using the existing ones as reference.

To set up coupon print templates, follow the provided steps:

  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter Print Template List, and open the related link.
    On fresh installation, an empty template list is displayed.

  2. Click Actions in the ribbon, followed by Download Template data in the dropdown list that is displayed.
    After a few moments, you will have a full list of preset ready-to-use print templates compatible with the NP Retail solution.

  3. For line printing, search for the EPSON_COUPON template, and for matrix printing, search for the ZT230_COUPON template from the list.
    For more information on line and matrix printing, refer to the article on printer properties. Your selection between the two depends on the kind of layout you wish to apply to the printed coupon.

  4. Open one of those templates, and click Edit Data Items in the ribbon.
    The selected data source is NPR NpDc Coupon. It contains all basic information that needs to be referenced from the printed coupons. You can add additional data sources as subsets of this one, but it’s not required for the module to work.

  5. Click Edit Layout to open the Template Designer.
    Here, it’s possible to edit the size of fonts and provide X and Y coordinates (if matrix printing is used).

  6. Click Device Settings if you wish to add specifics regarding label home position, media darkness and coloring.
    Once you’re done with configuring the template, it is ready to be used for printing coupons.

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