Print template features

The print template module comes with a set of tools used for facilitating their management.

Duplicating print templates

You can create a duplicate of an existing template by first selecting the desired print template from the list, and then clicking Create Copy. Once you name the duplicate, it will be available for use.

Importing package files

If a template has been created in another environment, or provided by a third party, it is possible to import its package file. You can do this via the Import Package File action. Once you import the desired template from your local machine, the Import Worksheet page will be displayed, just like when the template data is downloaded.

Exporting package files

There are two versions of this feature. The first one is used for exporting the entire Print Template list, while the other is used for exporting only the selected templates. This results in creation of a single JSON file which contains the desired templates at the current version.


It’s a good practice to archive print templates after making modifications, because a new template version needs to be created each time the template is altered. Archiving ensures that a changelog of all versions is available, so if there are some discrepancies, you can instantly revert the template to a previous version.

Archiving is performed by clicking the Archive button in the top ribbon of the Template Card. The only requirement is that the Version Comment be filled out. You can reenable editing by clicking New Version. The changelog can be reached by clicking View Archived Versions. From it, it’s possible to either restore the template to a previous version by clicking Restore Version or export it by clicking Export Version.

Logging print jobs

For debugging purposes, it’s possible to log the raw print jobs. This is done by toggling Log Output in the Template Card of a specific print template.

When activated, all subsequent print jobs are stored in the Print Template log, which can be accessed by clicking Show Log in the ribbon.

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