Set up job queue to post POS entries

After the sale is finalized, the POS entry is created. This entry has Post item entry status and Post Entry Status - UNPOSTED. The entry can be posted manually, but it is more common to create jobs in Job Queue Entry, which will post the entry. To set up this flow, follow the provided steps:

  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter Job Queue Entries, and choose the related link.

  2. Set up the following jobs:

    • NPR POS Post Item Entries - Code Unit 6059770
      This job is used for posting the sale to item ledger entries. It is usually set up with No. of minutes between runs = 1, so the inventory in all locations can be updated every minute.


    • NPR POS Post GL entries – Code Unit 6014699
      This job is used for posting sales and payments to G/L accounts.


    • NPR Post Inventory Cost to G/L – Code Unit 6014683
      This job is used for posting inventory to G/L accounts.


All data is automatically saved.

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