Send notifications for failed job queue entries and retry

Preselected recipients can be notified via SMS or email whenever there is an error in the Job Queue Entry which stops the automated task and requires user input to proceed. To configure this behavior, make sure the prerequisites are met and follow the provided steps.


  • Make sure there’s a Job Queue Entry which has status On Hold.
  • Make sure there’s an E-mail Template with the code JOB_QUEUE_ERROR that references Table No. 472.


  1. Navigate to the Job Queue Entries page in Business Central and open the Job Queue Entry Card for the entry that you are setting up.
  2. Open the dropdown for Notification Profile on Error and then Select from full list.
  3. In the Select – Job Queue Notif. Profiles pop-up window click New.


  1. Provide SALESORDERERROR in the Code field and the Description: Error on Job Queue Entry Sales Order Posting.
    As the same job queue notification profile can be used for multiple different Job Queue Entries, it’s recommended to create multiple general profiles with less specific email templates that can be reused.
  2. Check off the Send E-mail checkbox and open the dropdown next to the E-mail Template Code, then select the E-mail Template JOB_QUEUE_ERROR.
    Since the email is created with data from the Job Queue Entry table, you can find out more about the error from Description, Error Message and the Earliest Start Date/Time.
  3. Provide the email address to which error reports are sent in the Email field.
    If you wish to add multiple recipients, separate the emails with a ‘;’. You can also add default recipients in E-mail Template if they need to always receive e-mails with error reports.
  4. (Optional) If there are some urgent tasks and important errors, it may also be beneficial to set the Send SMS, SMS Template Code and Phone No. fields to send SMS from an SMS Template as well.
  5. With the SALESORDERERROR selected, click OK to use this newly created profile and return to the Job Queue Entry card.
  6. On the card, check off the Auto-Reschedule after Error checkbox to enable the Auto-Schedule Delay (sec.) field where you can fill in 86400 to have it attempt to reschedule the job to occur 24 hours after the previous error has occurred.

The Job Queue Entry is now set up to send an email after it has attempted to run the Maximum No. of Attempts to Run and then reschedule itself to run again the following day.