Automatically post Sales Orders every evening via job queue

Job Queue Entries are a standard Microsoft feature, upgraded with several NP Retail functionalities that improve the workflow of automated jobs.

You can set up a job that automatically posts only those sales orders which meet the specified criteria. For example, you can create a setup in which only posts those job queue entries that have been released and made under the specific Salesperson Code. To configure this behavior, make sure the prerequisites are met and follow the provided steps.


  • Have Salespeople/Purchasers with the code WEB created.
  • Have a Job Queue Category with the code SALESPOST created.


  1. Navigate to the Job Queue Entries page in Business Central.
  2. Click New to open a new Job Queue Entry Card.
  3. Set the Object Type to Run to Report if it’s not already set by default.
  4. Set the Object ID to Run to 296.
  5. Select the code SALESPOST in the dropdown list next to the Job Queue Category Code.
  6. (Optional) You can use the Job Queue Category Code to avoid running jobs with overlapping segments at the same time.
    A single table can’t simultaneously be modified by multiple different jobs. Other jobs will be rescheduled to take place after the first job has been completed.
  7. In Maximum No. of Attempts to Run insert 5 and set the Rerun Delay (sec.) to 300.
    In certain cases, Job Queue Entries may fail due to timeout or connection issues. If you use this option, a job queue will be run up to 5 times, with a 300 second delay between each attempt, to avoid having to restart the job manually.
  8. (Optional) Change the default value (12) in the Job Timeout field if you expect the job to be completed in a shorter period or wish to avoid it running into the opening hours.
  9. In the Report Parameters section, enable the Report Request Page Options toggle switch to open additional options related to the Batch Post Sales Orders report.
  10. Enable the Ship and Invoice toggle switches.
  11. Add the following criteria in the filter section and click OK to close the window.
    Status = ‘Released’ Salesperson Code = ‘WEB’
  12. In the Recurrence section, navigate to Next Run Data Formula and fill in 1D, then set the Starting Time to 22:00:00.
    The job will be run once every day within the specified time frame.
  13. When using Next Run Date Formula, you can keep the No. of Minutes between Runs as 0.
    The value should be higher than 0 if a job needs to be run more than once a day.
  14. Make sure the Inactivity Timeout Period is left as-is (5).
    This option is only used if the job queue entry times out.
  15. (Optional) To set when the job queue entry will be run for the first time during a day, navigate to Earliest Start Date/Time and insert T to change it to Today’s Date, and change the time to 22:00.
  16. In the Home tab click Set Status to Ready.
    The job will now be automatically run each night at 22h.