POS posting setup

POS Posting Setup allows users to set up the accounts on which payments from sales transactions will be posted.


For every existing POS Payment Method you need to set up an account on which postings will be recorded after the POS entry is posted. Depending on your business needs, accounts can be the same for all stores or each store can have its own account for postings. If all stores have the same account for posting payments, it is enough to assign the Account No. to the POS Payment Method Code.

However, if there’s a need for payments to be posted on different accounts depending on the store, the account number should be assigned to the POS Payment Method Code and the POS Store Code.

Additionally, it is possible to set up different accounts for different POS payment bins. In that case, it is necessary to also set up the POS Payment Bin Code, except in the case of POS Payment Method Code and POS Store Code.

In the POS Posting Setup section for every Payment Method Code, which is used for payments in POS units, you need to set up the Difference Account No., which is used if there are differences between the counted amount and the system amount in the end-of-day process.

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