POS Entry List - posting setup

As previously stated in the NP Retail Configuration portion of the POS Academy, the POS Posting Setup defines how the receipts for cash and other payment methods are posted in the General Ledger or subledgers in the system.


In the POS Posting Setup administrative section, you can define the accounts that will be debited when receiving payment with various payment methods, and when you transfer funds from your float amount during the process of balancing into a Bank or a Safe.

The accounts for Sales, Purchases, Cost of Sales, and Discounts are defined in the General Posting Setup, by combining the values of the Gen. Bus. Posting Group and the Gen. Prod. Posting Group.


It is also necessary to set up VAT in the VAT Posting Setup administrative section.


When you have the VAT setup and the accounts for Sales, Purchases, Cost of Sales, and Discounts configured, you need to use the Inventory Posting Setup administrative section to create an account for posting inventory.


Once done, you can see how they are applied when carrying out transactions on the POS.