Posting compression (EOD)

It is possible to perform certain configurations so that virtual counting can be performed automatically during the end-of-day process (balancing). Virtual-Count transfers the detailed transaction lines from the source account into the target account in a compressed format with the use of the AUTO-BIN payment bin code.


In the provided example, the target account 2345 has been set for the AMEX payment method when using the virtual bin on the automatic counting during the balancing process. Consequently, when accepting the AMEX credit card on a POS unit, the transactions are moved into details on the account 2985. When the balancing is performed, the account 2985 is credited, and the target account 2345 is debited with a single compressed entry, which is the sum of all transactions.

However, for MAESTRO DK the target account hasn’t been defined, so the transactions are moved into the details on the account 2345, and during balancing, the account 2345 is credited and debited, with a single compressed entry that is the sum of all transactions.

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