POS View Profile

In the POS View Profile there are two sections: General and Name and Date Formatting.

In General section you can set up the following options:

Field NameDescription
CodeThe unique code for the POS view profile.
DescriptionThe short description of a profile.
POS Theme codeThe POS theme used in the POS unit. If there is some which will be used instead of default theme.
Show discountSpecifies if discount should be shown in POS sale lines.
Show prices including VATSpecifies if Unit price and Line amount on POS sale lines should be shown with VAT.
Initial sales viewWhich view will be shown as initial. Options: Sale view and Restaurant view.
After end of sale viewWhich view will be shown after sale is done. Options: Initial Sales view and Login view.

The following options are available in the Name and Date Formatting section:

Field NameDescription
Client Decimal SeparatorSpecifies how numbers in POS will be separated from decimals (whether a comma or period will be used).
Client Thousands SeparatorSpecifies how thousands will be separated (whether a comma or period will be used).
Client Number Decimal DigitsSpecifies how many decimals will be shown in POS.
Client Currency SymbolSpecifies currency symbol.
Client Short Date PatternSpecifies the format of the date.
Client Date SeparatorSpecifies whether the data separator should be - or /.
Client Day NamesSpecifies the names of days of week. Days should be inserted with comma between names.

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