POS Unit Receipt Text Profile

The POS Unit Receipt Text Profile can be used for assigning additional text to the receipt footer area. Every POS unit can contain distinct text in the footer if they have different POS unit Receipt Text Profiles with different text in them. The POS Unit Receipt Text Profile consists of two sections: General and POS Sales Ticket Receipt Text.

The following fields can be defined in the General section:

Field NameDescription
CodeThe unique code for a profile.
DescriptionThe short description of a profile.
Break LineThe number of characters after which the line will be broken.
Sales Ticket Receipt TextThe text which will be displayed in the footer.

The POS Sales Ticket Receipt Text section is used for entering text which will be shown in the receipt footer. If the text was already entered in the Sales Ticket Receipt Text field in the General section, it will automatically be displayed in this section. The idea behind this section is that the business can maintain it and promote special messages (seasonal greetings or promotions). It’s not necessary to modify the print template, only to enter a message in this section. It is an extension to the footer of the sales ticket.

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