POS tax-free profile

If a shop is tax-free, all sales performed in it are exempt from the payment of certain taxes/duties. In the tax-free profile, it’s necessary to set a handler for the Global Blue or the Premier Tax Free interface. The POS Tax Free Profile is used for setting up the tax-free integration when POS sales are performed. When established, it ensures that certain types of goods aren’t taxed.

Global Blue and Premier are both companies that provide tax-free shipping services. Their IC2 solution is available on POS terminals, as well as on other channels. It’s possible to set up Global Blue Tax Free and Premier Tax Free services in NP Retail.

The following tax-free parameters are linked to each POS unit, and can be configured to suit your business needs:

Field NameDescription
POS Unit No.Specifies the POS unit for which the tax-free service is set.
Handler IDSpecifies the specific tax-free solution that the POS unit should use. If you wish to use the Global Blue Tax-free solution, you need to provide GLOBALBLUE_I2 in this field.
ModeSpecifies whether the tax-free actions will connect to a production environment or not. If you’re setting up the solution for customers, you can select PROD in this field.
Log LevelSpecifies the log level for all tax-free activities. The default value is ERROR, i.e. all unsuccessful requests are logged. If you’re setting up the tax-free solution for the production environment, make sure you don’t select **NONE.
Check POS Terminal IINEnables IIN matching for all EFT payment transactions. You can use this option to suggest the tax-free voucher when the source of the IIN is a region eligible for the tax-free solution.
Request Timeout (ms)Specifies how long you need to wait before cancelling the tax-free action. This option is relevant if temporary connection issues occur in the tax-free solution environment. The suggested value is 10000 (10 seconds).
Store Voucher PrintsSpecifies whether to store tax-free prints on the voucher records. If the Global Blue tax-free solution is used, this option should be disabled.

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