POS Audit Profile

The POS audit profile is used for assigning different number series and different rules for printing to different POS units.

The following options can be set up in the General section:

Field NameDescription
CodeThe unique code for the POS Audit Profile.
DescriptionThe short description of profile.
Sales ticket No. SeriesThe number series used for creating the document number.
Sale Fiscal No. SeriesThe number series used for creating the fiscal number.
Credit Sale Fiscal No. SeriesThe items will be searched by their cross reference numbers.
Balancing Fiscal No. SeriesThe number series used for creating the fiscal number for balancing.
Fill Sales Fiscal No. OnYou can choose between All Sale and Successful Sale.
Audit Log EnabledUsed in certain countries for creating additional logs, usually for VAT.
Audit HandlerIf Audit Log Enabled is checked use this field to choose which log will be created.
Allow Zero Amount SaleAllow the sale to be finalized with the amount zero.
Print Receipt On Cancel SaleAllow receipts to be printed even when the sale is canceled.
Allow Printing Receipt CopySet up whether a copy is printed or not. Available options are: Always, Once, Never.
Require Item Return ReasonIf this field is checked in the moment of returning goods in the POS, the cashier will be asked to enter the reason code for the return of the goods. You can make a list of possible reasons for return in the Return Reasons administrative section.
Bin Eject After Credit SaleIf enabled, the physical bin will be ejected following a successful credit sale.
Do Not Print Receipt On SaleIf enabled, the receipt will not be printed after a sale is successfully conducted.

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