POS profile overview

POS profiles are the main features used for configuring POS units. They can be found in the POS Unit Card administrative section of all POS units defined in Business Central.

Each one is dedicated to setting up different aspects of POS units.

POS ProfileDescription
POS Named Action ProfileConfigure the main actions associated with POS units.
POS Global Sales ProfileSet up a hierarchical company structure in which a single company is in charge of documenting all POS transactions.
POS Posting ProfileEstablish the posting method according to which the tax is calculated.
POS Pricing ProfileSet up the customer price lists, customer discount list, and price matching associated with the POS unit.
POS Security ProfileConfigure security-related settings like passwords and display timeout.
POS Self-Service ProfileConfigure the behavior of self-service kiosks.
POS Audit ProfileRefer to the options for assigning different number series and different rules for printing to a POS unit.
POS Display ProfileConfigure the POS units display view.
POS HTML Display ProfileSet up how media content is displayed, and upload a HTML file which provides responses for customer input on the POS display.
POS End-of-Day ProfileSet up in what manner and how often the end-of-day process will be performed.
POS Input Box ProfileSet up what type of data will be supported by input boxes in POS units.
POS Unit Receipt ProfileProvide additional custom text in the receipt footer area depending on your business needs.
POS View ProfileAdd a custom POS theme, and configure various visual components that will be displayed on the POS unit screen.
POS Tax Free ProfileSet up the POS tax-free profile for transactions in all tax-exempt regions.
POS Inventory ProfileThe POS Inventory Profile is used for configuring stockout warnings on the POS.
POS Customer Display ProfileYou can set up the content of the POS display that the customer can interact with.
POS Receipt ProfileThe POS Receipt profile is used for storing all configurations related to digital receipts.
POS LayoutRefer to guides for setting up the available POS layout components.