Change the POS unit receipt footer text

At the bottom of each sales receipt, it is common to have a short text that contains information that may be significant to customers, like the store’s opening time, address, phone number, return policy, and so on.

Sales receipts are created per each POS unit separately, but in most cases all POS units that are a part of a single POS store have the same receipt.

  1. From the Role Center, search the POS Unit List and click on it once it’s displayed in the results.
    A list of all existing POS units is displayed.
  2. Click the POS unit you wish to create a receipt for.
    The POS Unit Card popup window is displayed.
  3. In the Profiles panel, click the dropdown next to the POS Unit Receipt Text Profile, and then Select from full list.
    The full list of receipt profiles is displayed.
  4. To edit the existing POS unit receipt text profile, click the three dots in the header, followed by Manage, and then Edit.
  5. Add the desired receipt text in the Sales Ticket Receipt Text field.
  1. To create a new receipt text profile, click New, and add all necessary information, including the receipt text in the POS Unit Receipt Text Profile field.
    All changes you add are automatically saved.

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