Sales price maintenance

Sales price can be maintained for all customers, a specific customer, campaign or a group of specified customers. For instance, prices for staff are often based on the Last Direct Cost to which a factor is added. Therefore, each time the Last Direct Cost changes, the price for staff should be updated as well. This process is maintained by the sales price maintenance feature.

The following fields and options are available:

Field NameDescription
IDSpecifies the sequential number used for identification of the sales price maintenance entry.
Sales TypeSpecifies the sales type for which the corresponding sales price is created. This is where you select how many entities will be affected by the given sales price (all customers, a specific customer, customer price group or a designated sales price campaign).
Sales CodeThe code used for retrieving specific entities from the Sales Type selected in the previous field.
Price List CodeSpecifies the code of the price list that is retrieved and affected by this price maintenance scenario.
Currency CodeSpecifies the code of the currency in which the prices are expressed.
Prices Including VATSpecifies whether the prices are VAT-inclusive.
VAT Bus. Posting Gr. (Price)Used for retrieving the VAT percentage if the price is VAT-inclusive.
Allow Invoice Disc.Specifies if the invoice discount is set on the sales price for this group.
Allow Line Disc.Specifies if the line discount is set on the sales price for this group.
Internal Unit PriceSpecifies the price on which the calculation is based.
FactorSpecifies the factor for the unit price.

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