POS Unit Display

In the POS Unit Display you can configure device-specific information for the POS Display Profile. For example, the POS Display Profile specifies what a theme looks like, whereas POS Unit Display specifies if the device bound to the POS Unit No. has downloaded the media and on which connected screen it will be displayed.

Field NameDescription
POS Unit No.The unique code for the POS Unit that is configured.
Media DownloadedSpecifies whether the media from Display Content Code in POS Display Profile should be downloaded. If checked, the POS won’t download any media when loaded, and it will not check whether the local cache contains the images in the Display Content Code group. Instead, it will download and replace all, or do nothing. When adding new media to the Display Content Code, you need to deactivate this field to see the new media.
Screen No.Specifies on which screen connected to the POS unit, the customer display is going to be located. 0 is default, and will auto-select a non-main display. It is recommended to leave it on 0, unless the POS unit has more than 2 screens.

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