POS Payment View Event Setup

POS Payment View Event Setup can be used for entering a certain dimension in a POS transaction. For example, you can create a setup in which you can analyze each transaction based on the Dimension you provide.

Its most common usage involves attaching a dimension value for post codes, so that you can track the sales per post codes. Nevertheless, it can be used for any dimension that is configured in the POS Payment View Event Setup.

You can also define how frequently the dimension pop-up window is going to be displayed in POS transactions.

The POS Payment View Event Setup page consists of two or three sections, depending on some of your choices:

In the General section you can define which dimension will be used, and how often it will be displayed in POS transactions:

Field NameDescription
Dimension Popup EnabledIf this field is checked, a pop-up window will be displayed when you click the Payment Method button.
Dimension CodeSpecifies which dimension will pop up in the POS.
Popup perA popup can be displayed per a POS Store, POS unit or All.
It specifies the base for calculation of the frequency used in the Popup every field. E.g. If you add POS Store here and 3 in the Popup every field, a pop-up window will be displayed following every 3 transactions that are carried out in a POS store, in a specified period.
Popup everySpecifies the time interval after which the popup will recur.
By default, if you wish the pop-up window to be displayed on every transaction, you should set it to 1.
Popup Start timeSpecifies the starting time for the popup.
Popup End timeSpecifies the ending time for the popup.
Dimension Popup ModeSpecifies what the popup looks like. You can select between the following layouts: List, Input, and Numpad.
Create New Dimension ValuesIf enabled, a new dimension will be created if it doesn’t exist in the dimension values list when the user inputs the value in the dimension popup.
Skip Popup on Dimension ValueSpecifies whether the popup will be skipped if a value for the dimensions has already been assigned to the POS sale.
Show Only for Selected POS UnitsIf activated, a section will be displayed in the POS Payment View Event Setup for you to assign the specific POS units that you wish to use this function on.

In Popup Dimension Filter section you can set up an Item or an Item Category which needs to be in the sales lines so the popup is displayed in the POS.

Finally, if you’ve enabled Show Only for Selected POS Units, the POS Unit Filter panel will be displayed. You can use it to select on which POS units the pop-up window will be displayed when you perform payment for a sale.

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