Item Category card

Item categories are defined in the Item Category Card by defining the following fields and options:

Field NameDescription
CodeSpecifies the identifier of the entire category.
DescriptionSpecifies the item category’s description.
Parent CategorySpecifies the higher level of the category to which this category is linked.
Item Template CodeIt’s possible to predefine some default values when creating an item using this specific category. You can preset a different unit of measure, posting setup, the price including VAT, and so on.
Global Dimension 1 & Global Dimension 2These dimensions can be preset, so the item will inherit them.
BlockedYou can block the category so that it can’t be assigned to an item. Typically, you can block the first level, which results in the parent category being used as a header. This also happens if the category is no longer being used.
Main CategoryHere, you can define the logic of the first level, i.e. use the main category as sort of a header.
AttributesYou can preset different attributes (e.g. color, size or another specific property like Item Type) to the category. When an item assigned to that category is created, it will inherit the attributes automatically.

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