POS Counting screen

Field NameDescription
Float AmountIndicates the opening float of the POS unit.
Calculated Amount Including FloatIndicates the expected ledger balance calculated by the system. It contains the initial float and the currency received as payment for sales.
Assist Button for DenominationsWhen used, the screen with the list of denominations is displayed, and salespeople are required to insert the quantity of each denomination counted. The initially blue logo turns red when the count is finished, as an indication that it has been completed. You can always come back and redo the count before finalizing it.
Counted Amount Including FloatThis field is updated either from the Denomination screen or an amount can be inserted directly into it.
DifferenceThe difference is automatically calculated. If you provide a value in this field, the system will insert an amount in the Counted Amount field instead. You can make this field editable in the NPR POS End of Day Profile Card.
Bank DepositThe float can be moved either into the bank or into an intermediary account which is defined in the POS Posting Setup. There are multiple fields here: Bank Deposit Amount - the amount to be transferred out of the float; Bank Deposit Bin Code - the code created in the POS Payment Bin assigned automatically; Bank Deposit Reference - automatically generated reference which can be overridden if needed. For example, if we take the money directly to the bank, we can put the reference for the bank or if we have predefined money bags with the reference, we can provide that reference.
Bank to BinYou can define a POS payment bin called SAFE, and move it to the safe from this section. The accounting setup is done in the POS Posting Setup.
Transferred AmountThe sum of all amounts transferred out of the float.
New Float AmountThe closing balance of the float.
FinalizeWhen you’re satisfied with the balancing, you can finalize it.
CloseAt any point of the process, you can stop, and close the screen.