Change Responsibility Center from the POS sale

Responsibility centers provide the means of managing and handling administrative centers (cost centers, profit centers, investment centers and other company-defined administrative centers). Different responsibility center usually correspond to different areas of operations. To change the selected responsibility center from the POS sale, follow the provided steps:


  • Add the Change Responsibility Center button to the POS menu you want it to be displayed in.
    The action you need to attach to the button is CHANGE_RESP_CENTER.

  • In the POS Parameter Values specify the name of the responsibility center you want to switch to in the Fixed Resp Center parameter.

  • In the POS Parameter Values set the Lookup Resp Center either to FALSE to ensure that you are instantly switched to the selected responsibility center when the button is clicked on the POS or set it to TRUE if you want to select the responsibility center from the list instead.


  1. Click POS in the Role Center’s ribbon, followed by Open POS.
    The POS login screen is displayed.
  2. Enter the Salesperson Code in the provided field to log in.
  3. Click the CHANGE_RESP_CENTER button.
    You are either automatically switched to the specified responsibility center or prompted to select one from the list.