Configure a receipt printout for a POS unit

You can customize the sales report content that is printed out, depending on the scenario in place. To set up what is printed on the POS, follow the provided steps.


  • Select which report you wish to edit the receipt printout for by searching Report Selection in global search and selecting the area/scenario you wish to edit the receipt for the category


  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter Report Selection - Retail and open the related link.
    A page containing the list of sales receipts with the print templates is displayed.
  2. Select the Sales Receipt from the dropdown list.
  3. Open one of the print templates from the Print Template column.
  4. Click New Version, and then Edit Layout to open the Template Designer.
  5. Add or alter the lines to customize the printout to your liking.
    Every line in the template corresponds to a line on the sales receipt.
  6. Use the Table Name and Field Name fields for choosing what data to display, and the Prefix, Postfix and Default Value fields for additional text.
  7. Close the Template Designer, and return to the Template Card.
  8. Add a short description of your changes in the Version Comments field, and click Archive to save your template customization.

You have now customized the selected sales receipt. The effects take place immediately.

Receipt footers are useful when you wish to include the company’s name, phone, address, and so on. To change them, follow the provided steps:

  1. Open the POS Unit Card.
  2. Scroll down to the Profiles, and open the POS Unit Receipt Text Profile dropdown box.
  3. Open the existing profile to edit or create a new one, and input the text relevant for this profile.

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