Set up price worksheet

If you want to update prices for multiple items without having to change settings in each Item Card individually, you can create a Default Price List in the Price Worksheet administrative section.

  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter Price Worksheet and open the related link.
  2. Populate the following fields in the General section:
Field NameDescription
Price TypeSpecifies a filter which determines whether the sale or purchase prices are displayed.
DefaultsSpecifies the fields of the price list header that are used as defaults for new lines created in the worksheet. You can set different filters at this level.
Assign-to GroupSpecifies a filter for which group the prices apply to.
Update Multiple Price ListsSpecifies whether users can add new lines and modify the existing lines in the worksheet suggested by the Copy Lines action.
  1. Populate the following fields in the Worksheet section.
Field NameDescription
ManageYou can select 1 line or multiple line & then apply the delete function to clear the lines from the worksheet.
Suggest LinesCreate a list of items, based on defined criteria and at the same time establish a Default Price List, using adjustment factors on the Unit Price of the items. When the worksheet is filled, the price list can be also manually modified if necessary.
Copy LinesLines can be copied from an existing Price List.
Implement Price ChangeUpdate the Price List with the one provided in the worksheet.
Open Price ListIf a price list is already assigned to the worksheet, you will see the Price List Code on the first column in the details.


If you create a default sales price for the item 1150 using the unit price of 500.00 and applying a factor of 1.20 on it, the new sales price will be 600.00. Then, you can run the Implement Price Change action to update the sales price list for the item.

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