Send email receipts from the POS sale

You can set up a functionality which sends the POS sale receipts to customers’ emails. To do so, follow the indicated prerequisites and operating steps:


  • Create the necessary email accounts.
  • Create an e-mail template that will be sent to users.
    The relevant Report ID needs to be specified within the e-mail template.
  • Add the Send Email Receipt button to the POS menu you want it to be displayed in.
    The action you need to attach to the button is SEND_RECEIPT.
  • Configure the POS Parameter Values for the button you’ve added to the POS menu - provide the name of the e-mail template you’ve created for receipts, and specify whether the e-mail is automatically sent for the last created receipt, of if you can choose the specific receipt to be sent.


  1. Click POS in the Role Center’s ribbon, followed by Open POS.
    The POS login screen is displayed.
  2. Enter the Salesperson Code in the provided field to log in.
  3. Click the SEND_RECEIPT button.
    Either the last created receipt is sent to the customer or a list of the available receipts is displayed. Once you select a receipt, it is sent to the customer’s e-mail.

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