Insert the initial float for a POS unit

A float is an amount of cash that needs to be available in the cash register at the beginning of each workday. To set up the initial float for POS units, follow the provided steps:

  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter POS Payment Bin, and choose the related link.
  2. Select the POS Payment Bin that you want to assign Initial float and click Insert Initial Float in the ribbon.
    A window with all available POS payment methods is displayed.
  1. To insert initial float for the filtered payment methods, go to Edit list and in field Amount insert the float in terms of different currencies that you want to fill in the POS Payment Bin for that POS Unit.

    The next time you open a POS, you will be greeted by a prompt for confirming the float. This concludes the configuration of the opening balance.

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