Create a new POS unit (by using an existing one as reference)

A POS unit is a central part of the Retail solution. It consists of hardware and software components that enable services and item sale transactions at retail locations. In brief, POS units automate the transaction process and tracking of important sales data.

As soon as you have at least one POS unit in the system, you can use configurations and data within as a source of information for creating a new one with ease.

Each POS store can contain multiple POS units. Most of the time, these units have an almost identical setup, the difference being their number, (since they have to be unique) and payment bin (virtual representation of a cash register, or a safe). To create a new POS unit, follow the provided steps:


  • Have at least one POS unit defined in the environment.


  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter POS Unit List, and choose the related link.
    A list of all existing POS units is displayed.

  2. Open the POS unit card you wish to use as a reference for creation of a new POS unit.
    The POS Unit Card popup window is displayed.

  3. Click New.

  4. Populate the necessary fields (except Default POS Payment Bin) in the new POS unit by using the first POS unit card as a reference.
    You can switch back and forth between the two POS unit cards until you’re satisfied with your configuration.

    The following fields and options are available:

Field NameDescription
No.The unique code for the POS unit.
NameThe name of the POS unit.
POS Store CodeThe POS Store to which the POS Unit is attached.
POS Default POS BinThe payment bin (cash drawer) that will be used by the POS unit. It’s recommended to use the same number as the one provided in the POS Unit No.
Department CodeThe global dimension assigned to all entries from the store. If the business needs to track transactions in the General Ledger per POS unit, you can define subdimensions for analysis purposes.
Field NameDescriptionExample
Project CodeA global dimension.
POS TypeThe type of POS Unit to be used.
StatusThe status of the POS unit.
  1. Open the Default POS Payment Bin dropdown list, and then Select from full list.
    If there are no payment bins available, create a new one
  2. Click New or Edit List, and add an entry for the new payment bin.
    Make sure it has the same POS Store Code as the other payment bins used with that POS unit.
  3. (Optional) Refer to the relevant articles for configuring Profiles, if you wish them to be different than the ones defined in the former POS unit.

Next steps:

After you create a POS unit, you need to link it to the POS user’s ID before it can become fully operational.

  1. Navigate to User Setup.
    The easiest way to achieve this is by using the built-in search functionality.
  2. In the User Setup screen, fill out all necessary fields.
    Make sure you’ve added the number of the newly-created POS unit in the POS Unit No. field.

The new POS unit is created, attached to the POS store, and ready to be used.

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