Change a bin from the POS sale

Bins represent physical shelves and rows in which the shop’s inventory is stored. If there are multiple bins in a single store location, you can choose which bin the item is taken from during the POS sale.


  • Add the Change Bin button to the POS menu you want it to be displayed in.
    The action you need to attach to the button is CHANGE_BIN.


  1. Click POS in the Role Center’s ribbon, followed by Open POS.
    The POS login screen is displayed.
  2. Enter the Salesperson Code in the provided field to log in. The button to which the CHANGE_BIN action is attached can be found in the menu you’ve previously placed it in.
  3. Select the item you wish to purchase, then select its variant, and click OK.
  4. Click the CHANGE_BIN button, then select the bin you wish to take it from, and click OK.
  5. Finalize the sale.

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