Activate and use the MPOS editor

The MPOS editor gives users the option to set up POS actions and buttons directly from within the MPOS UI, without having to work in Business Central in parallel. However, to make sure it’s operational, you first need to activate it by following the provided steps:


  • Enable the POS Editor to be able to use the POS Layout Setup Wizard.


  1. Open the POS.
    The POS has an empty layout assigned to it.

  2. Enter the Edit mode by pressing the cog icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  3. Press New Layout, and then New Layout again.

  4. Select a template, give it a Name, and make sure the Mobile Layout is picked.

  5. Click Create.
    The screen shrinks in size to match the mobile device screen.

  6. To see the changes on an actual mobile device, set up the following:

    • Assign a mobile device to a POS unit.
    • Give the POS Layout Code you’ve assigned in step 4 to the POS unit.
  7. Reload the MPOS.
    The changes performed on the desktop are applied on the MPOS upon reload. The design on the editor is now the same as the one on the MPOS.