POS Menu Buttons Setup

Refer to the following table to see what each POS menu button setting can be used for:

Field NameDescription
CaptionThe button description on the POS that helps users understand what the button does.
TooltipThe text that will be displayed if the cursor is placed on the button.
Action typeThe type of action that will be triggered when the button is clicked. Popup Menu is used for defining a submenu which contains its own set of buttons; Action - when selected, you can define what the POS action will do; Item - you can insert a specific item on the sales line; Customer - you can set a button to attach a specific customer to the sale; Payment Type - you can set which POS payment method is going to be used when the button is clicked.
Action codeThe code of the action that will be triggered by clicking the button.
Data Source CodeThe data source field is filled automatically in certain circumstances. If a POS action acts upon a POS sales line, the code unit sets the BUILTIN_SALELINE automatically, and the same goes for BUILTIN_SALE, BUILTIN_PAYMENTLINE, and BUILTIN_PAYMENT.
BlockThis field needs to be enabled or disabled.
Background ColorYou can set the background color of the button in the POS unit.
Icon ClassYou can place small icons on the button instead of the captions.
Background Image URLYou can set a picture to be displayed on the button using a URL to the picture’s location.
Caption PositionThe position of the caption on the button (options – Top, Center, Bottom).
Custom Class AttributeYou can customize the attribute to the button. For example, we can use multiline, so that if the caption is too long, it will be displayed in three lines instead of being truncated.
Position XThe number of the position in the x axis of the menu where this button will be positioned.
Position YThe number of the position in the y axis of the menu where this button will be positioned.
EnabledYou can determine whether the field is enabled in the POS. If some of the necessary actions have been performed, the button will be enabled. For example, if the sales line is entered, the button Delete Line will be enabled.
Secure Method CodeYou can set security password levels on any POS action. The security is set at group levels, and not on individual ones like users. A user or a salesperson are then placed to a group of security level. The parameter which is referred to as Security has the following options: BLANK - anybody is able to use the function without any access control (no security restrictions); ANY SALESP - any salesperson with a register and supervisor password will be able to use the function; CUR-SALESP - only the salesperson who has logged on the POS at that time can use their password and supervisor password to be able to use the function; ADMIN-PWD - the highest level of security - only the person with the admin password is able to execute the POS action.
POS Unit No.If the button needs to be visible only in one POS unit, that POS unit’s number needs to be stated here.
Salesperson CodeIf the button needs to be seen and accessed only by one salesperson, the salesperson’s code needs to be stated here.