Display external website content on the customer screen

Salespeople can make the customer display (second display) point to an external website with merchant-specific content they wish to display to the customers, after which they may switch back to the Receipt view. This website can, for example, contain a sign-up form, terms and conditions or some similar content that may be relevant for the current transaction.

It’s also possible to enable the Virtual Keyboard plugin - an on-screen keyboard which the customer can use to input data on the external website, which is useful for populating various registration forms.

To make it so that the customer screen points to an external website, it’s recommended to create two buttons. The first one should point to the external website, while the second one should be used for loading the Receipt View.

The setup for both buttons is the same, the only difference being the provided values:

  1. Open the POS unit on which you wish to add the button.

  2. Open the POS editor by pressing the button.
    The edit mode is enabled.

  3. Press the cell in the part of the POS screen in which you wish to place the button, followed by Edit in the dropdown.

  4. Add the Caption, and open the Action dropdown list.

  5. Press Other, and select the HTML_DISPLAY_LOAD action from the full list.

  6. Press next to Variables to edit the relevant parameters.

    For loading the external website:

    • Select Website as the Load option.
    • Enter the URL of the website you want to display in Website Url.
    • (Optional) If you want to have the on-screen keyboard, set Plugin: Virtual Keyboard to True.

    For reloading the main profile:

    • Select Profile as the Load option.
    • (Optional) If you want to redownload the media specified on the HTML Profile set Download Media to True. It’s recommended to leave this option deactivated for better performance.
  7. Press Save, and exit the edit mode.

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