Use the POS Layout Setup Wizard

The main benefit of the wizard is the ability to set up a fully populated POS unit with a few clicks, instead of having to setup every button and menu individually. You may not get all the desired content in the predefined layout, but it’s much quicker to add/remove the individual parts when the base is established.


  • Enable the POS Editor to be able to use the POS Layout Setup Wizard.


  1. Open the POS.
    The POS has an empty layout assigned to it.
  2. Enter the Edit mode by pressing the cog icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. Click the icon (weird_icon) in the top right corner of the edit-mode screen.
  4. Choose the layout category in the displayed pop-up window, and press Continue.
    You can opt for either a Cafe or Retail setup for now.
  5. Select the language you wish the layout to be presented in, and press Continue.
  6. Select one of the available presets (e.g. Wine Shop), and press Continue.
  7. Finalize the layout setup by confirming your selections in the final step.
    The layout is now ready to be used.