Customer discount group setup

Customer discount groups can be used when providing discounts that should only apply to a certain group of customers.

Bring It to You Retail Store Ltd has a loyal group of customers that would like to be given a discount of 20% on certain items that they frequently buy.

  1. Click the Lightbulb button, enter Customer Disc. Groups, and choose the related link.
    The Customer Disc. Groups List is opened as a result.

  2. Click New and enter a code and a description.

  3. Click Navigate and select Sales Price List.

  4. To create a new Sales Price List, click New, and the Sales Price List Card is opened.


  5. Set the Assign-to Type to Customer Disc. Group.
    This group consists of customers to which the discount should be applied.

  6. Select Discount in the View Column for field.

  7. Insert the lines that should be affected by the discount and provide the discount percentage in the Line Discount % field.

  8. Set the status to Active.

  9. For the discount to be applied, you need to apply the Customer Disc. Group to the Customer Card under the Invoice tab.
    The discount is now applied to the item when the specified customer is selected, as presented in the screenshots below.

Without a customer attached


With a customer attached